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HostX V 1.0.6 Released

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We have released a new version 1.0.6 of HostX WHMCS template.

In this latest version we have added these two new front end pages

1. Contact Us Page Added



2. Codeguard Page Added



3. GDPR Compatibility privacy notice added.



4. Backend Manager



 5.  Duplicate Page Block Feature Added

You can easily make a clone of an existing block and use them anywhere in your website.

Step 1: Go to WHMCS Admin Dashboard.

Step 2 : Go to Addons > WGS HostX > Blocks.


Step 3 : Click on Copy Main Block button.


Step 4 : Select the block that you want to Clone.


Step 5: Select the default language that you want.


Step 6 : Add the Title of the Block and click SUBMIT


Step 7 : Your newly created block will now appear under All Blocks Section and you can customize and use it in any page you want. 

6. Custom Page Block Added

Everyone in this world has a unique choice of design for their websites. It is not necessary to make in use of the existing block designs. You can yourself create the block design and move it anywhere you want.

Step 1:  Go to the WHMCS Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Addons > WGS HostX > Blocks


Step 3: Click on Copy Main Block button.


Step 4: Select the "Custom Block" & Clone.


Step 5: After cloning the custom block, you can do any changes you want to do in the block.


7.  Banners selection made dynamic

We have converted the banners selection into dynamic so that you are not bound to select the constant banner in the HostX web hosting template.

8. Improvements

  • Dedicated Server Page Price Filter Low to High
  •  Dedicated Server Page Search Results Optimized

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