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  1. Hi Guest Haitham, Please follow these steps to add link over product detail page. 1) Go to following path -> "whmcsdir/templates/clientx/" 2) Open clientareaproductdetails.tpl 3) Find the following block of code its on line number 86 or 85 {if $configoptionsupgrade} <li class=""> <a href="upgrade.php?type=configoptions&amp;id={$id}"> <div class="tbs-icone"> <i class="fas fa-cloud-upload-alt"></i></div> {$LANG.upgradedowngradeconfigoptions} </a> </li> {/if} 4) Now add following blocks of code after it. {if $dns_manager_is_active eq 'true'} <li class=""> <a href="{$dns_manager_link}"> <div class="tbs-icone"> <i class="fas fa-server"></i></div> {$LANG.dnsManageBox} </a> </li> {/if} {if $groupname eq 'Managed WordPress'} <li class=""> <a href="index.php?m=WordpressManager"> <div class="tbs-icone"> <i class="fa fa-wordpress"></i></div> {$LANG.wordpressManageBox} </a> </li> {/if} 5) Now add language variable so that it will work with multiple language. i) Go to Following path -> "whmcsdir/lang/overrides/" ii) Open english.php iii) add following code at the end of file $_LANG['dnsManageBox'] = "DNS Manage"; $_LANG['wordpressManageBox'] = "WordPress Management"; Note-> Same process will follow for other languages.
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    Hi, As i checked your whmcs url was not correct. we have updated the url to secure one. Now issue has been fixed try to login.
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