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  1. we are glad to see your issue resolved.
  2. Just add in this way {$WEB_ROOT}/cpanel-hosting.php
  3. Just edit the footer block and pass forward slash in front of link. If you are not putting this forward slash then its pick up the current path. eg -> /cpanel-hosting.php
  4. In order to setting the payment gateway sorting in WHMCS follow the below easy steps :. Step 1). Login to your WHMCS admin and go to setup -> payments -> payment gateways. Step 2). Each activated payment gateway, you should see 1 or 2 green arrow buttons - pressing the up or down arrow will move the chosen gateway in that direction. it sounds like you have 2checkout first and PayPal second - so what you will need to do is press the green up arrow next to Paypal and that should move it above 2checkout. your order forms and invoice payment should now show the gateways in the order you want: 1st - PayPal; 2nd - 2checkout.
  5. msbedi

    HostX bug list

    New feature & bug list
  6. Module made compatible with Latest Linode API V4 Fully Redesigned Addon and Client Area Section Sorting issue fixed in OS list during order time. Reset password feature added in the module. Backup Feature added in the module. Added Graphical View of Server Data White labeling Improved: Removed "Linode" word template from the OS list Wrong API called in reboot - Fixed HostX Server Usage View - Fixed
  7. We have default used currency prefix symbol. You can changed it from file. Example if you want change the pricing for cpanel_hosting.php page 1) Open ftp/cpanel 2) Go to following path -> "whmcsdir/" 3) Open cpanel_hosting.php file in your case your file name 4) You will see the following code attached in screenshot. 5) just change toPrefixed() to toSuffixed() in all places. Note -> you need to add suffix for currency from whmcs admin panel. You can use following format as well https://classdocs.whmcs.com/7.1/WHMCS/View/Formatter/Price.html
  8. We are happy to announce our new version of the most popular WHMCS mdoule ie. OVH/SYS and Kimsufi Server Management Module. This new update brings in a lot of new features that are important for OVH server resellers. Here is what's new in latest 5.0.0 Version: Now admin can auto-provision Dedicated Servers. Fully Redesigned Client Area Section Introduced Updated Admin Area You can now set Additional IP's Margins The module is fully compatible with new OVH API's Add 3 new server locations US, UK and Singapore Setup SoYouStart Dedicated Products Manage Products & Config Options Prices from the WHMCS Admin Area The module is compatible with WHMCS 7.8.3 Enhanced Module Speed Enhanced UI Enhanced Stability Find out how easy it is to connect your OVH server account with our WGS OVH WHMCS module. Watch out the video to know more. WGS OVH WHMCS Module - How to generate key in WHMCS OVH Server Reselling Module.mp4
  9. Two reason could be follow as : 1). Please check the licence status is active in clientx Addon in WHMCS admin area? 2). Some time ioncube files not loading completely so please activate the "Encoded File Loading " = Attempt to load all files . You can find this setting in WHMCS Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Other Tab
  10. msbedi

    Clintx Bugs

    Thanks for sharing the bug report we will update those in next update.
  11. HI, All the WGS community members we need your support & suggestion to make this module more productive. As Alipay have released the new API so we are working on it to launch the update by 10 of July. Currently we have add in v2.0.4 : NEW_OVERSEAS_SELLER NEW_WAP_OVERSEAS_SELLER. Adding more : Adding Trading information feature : 2.1. The new parameter "trade_information" is required. 2.2. The parameter "refer_url" is required. 2.3. The parameter"body" could be optional now, and the special characters mentioned under this parameter definition mean the emoji characters, which could not be supported. This is according to Alipay support. It looks like trade_information has sub-parameters, this is the example they gave trade_information={"business_type":"4", "goods_info":"APPLE iPhone 8 Plus 3GB 64GB^1|APPLE Macbook Pro 13" i5 8G 256G with TouchBar^1", "total_quantity":"2"} The new parameters are listed here: https://global.alipay.com/doc/global/create_forex_trade
  12. 50% Discount On HostX Theme Coupon Code Hostx50
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