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  2. Module made compatible with Latest Linode API V4 Fully Redesigned Addon and Client Area Section Sorting issue fixed in OS list during order time. Reset password feature added in the module. Backup Feature added in the module. Added Graphical View of Server Data White labeling Improved: Removed "Linode" word template from the OS list Wrong API called in reboot - Fixed HostX Server Usage View - Fixed
  3. Yes please it will helpfull.
  4. We have default used currency prefix symbol. You can changed it from file. Example if you want change the pricing for cpanel_hosting.php page 1) Open ftp/cpanel 2) Go to following path -> "whmcsdir/" 3) Open cpanel_hosting.php file in your case your file name 4) You will see the following code attached in screenshot. 5) just change toPrefixed() to toSuffixed() in all places. Note -> you need to add suffix for currency from whmcs admin panel. You can use following format as well https://classdocs.whmcs.com/7.1/WHMCS/View/Formatter/Price.html
  5. I need change money format, We use € simbol after cost like: 10,95 €/year Can you tell me how I can change this? Besides, I would like to know if exist a complet manual of how is used and config HostX because I am a bit lost now. Thanks
  6. We are happy to announce our new version of the most popular WHMCS mdoule ie. OVH/SYS and Kimsufi Server Management Module. This new update brings in a lot of new features that are important for OVH server resellers. Here is what's new in latest 5.0.0 Version: Now admin can auto-provision Dedicated Servers. Fully Redesigned Client Area Section Introduced Updated Admin Area You can now set Additional IP's Margins The module is fully compatible with new OVH API's Add 3 new server locations US, UK and Singapore Setup SoYouStart Dedicated Products Manage Products & Config Options Prices from the WHMCS Admin Area The module is compatible with WHMCS 7.8.3 Enhanced Module Speed Enhanced UI Enhanced Stability Find out how easy it is to connect your OVH server account with our WGS OVH WHMCS module. Watch out the video to know more. WGS OVH WHMCS Module - How to generate key in WHMCS OVH Server Reselling Module.mp4
  7. were you able to fix it using the proxy? I can also provide you with what I did to make it work.
  8. You should have haproxy.cfg file like this global nbproc 2 chroot /var/lib/haproxy pidfile /var/run/haproxy.pid maxconn 65535 user haproxy group haproxy log-tag haproxy20 log /dev/log local7 info daemon #debug ssl-default-bind-ciphers ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM- ssl-default-bind-options no-sslv3 no-tlsv10 no-tlsv11 no-tls-tickets ssl-default-server-ciphers ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCMSHA384 ssl-default-server-options no-sslv3 no-tlsv10 no-tlsv11 no-tls-tickets tune.ssl.default-dh-param 2048 defaults mode http log global option abortonclose option httplog clf option dontlognull option http-server-close option http-pretend-keepalive no option redispatch retries 3 timeout http-request 45s timeout queue 60s timeout connect 45s timeout client 1m timeout server 1m timeout tunnel 1h timeout http-keep-alive 30s timeout check 10s timeout tarpit 60s maxconn 65535 ## FRONTS listen stats bind <PRIVATE_IP>:81 balance mode http stats enable #stats auth admin:admin stats hide-version stats uri /hastats frontend main-https bind <PUBLIC_IP>:443 ssl crt /path/to/ssl.bundle alpn http/1.1 #tcp-request inspect-delay 500ms tcp-request content accept if HTTP log global acl acl_requrl path_beg -i /ticket/ http-request deny deny_status 403 if ! acl_requrl use_backend be_dc1-hv1 if { hdr(host) -i dc1-hv1.storm-pro.net } use_backend be_dc2-hv1 if { hdr(host) -i dc2-hv1.storm-pro.net } default_backend be_dummy ## BACKS backend be_dummy http-request deny deny_status 403 backend be_dc1-hv1 log global server dc1-hv1 dc1-hv1.storm-pro.net:443 ssl verify none backend be_dc2-hv1 log global server dc2-hv1 dc2-hv1.storm-pro.net:443 ssl verify none
  9. hello Which proxy server are you using? WHMCS Global Services, 01-11-2019 it`s haproxy and does the proxy forward the request with port 443 to the esx? WHMCS Global Services, 01-11-2019 that`s correct so storm-pro.net is a dns service? WHMCS Global Services, 01-11-2019 there two independent dns zones: private storm-pro.net and public storm-pro.net
  10. Can you send the detailed information if someone running the esxi in private network how they can fix Which proxy server are you using?and does the proxy forward the request with port 443 to the esx?so storm-pro.net is a dns service?
  11. we have private dns zone storm-pro.net which points to private ip addresses and is available only through our vpn, but also same zone exists in public and all our esxi hostnames points to a single public ip which is on proxy and the proxy in turn direct requests to the particular esxi in our private network according to the Host header can give you haproxy config we`re using if needed, but i have to obfuscate it a bit). oh, and the proxy uses valid ssl certificate on the public ip
  12. Can you please send me the steps to run it on private network? like how you make it working with private IP
  13. I`ve managed to get console working via proxy,
  14. I have a problem about this thicket I have a cluster vcenter ip address is local : and hosts ip addresses is to I can't install sign ssl on private ip address how can I connect to console without ssl to solve ssl certificate problem ?
  15. historical consumption I want to see the total bandwidth a client consumes
  16. I need my vmware module to see the month-to-month consumption of customers' vm
  17. Hans

    remove monthly payments

    Or maybe a option to show monthly cost and the payment is for 1 year.
  18. Hi, how can I remove the monthly payments from shared hosting only, we offer only 1 year supscriptions. the tekst : Simple and transparent pricing must stay above the pricing tabs regards Hans
  19. Two reason could be follow as : 1). Please check the licence status is active in clientx Addon in WHMCS admin area? 2). Some time ioncube files not loading completely so please activate the "Encoded File Loading " = Attempt to load all files . You can find this setting in WHMCS Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Other Tab
  20. Hi All, I just purchased the ClientX theme. I added the theme files to my templates directy and added and activated the addon. When I go to my WHMCS install now I see my one announcement but no links or anything and my license here has no IP etc. My WHMCS install can be found at https://billing.controlghg.com
  21. msbedi

    Clintx Bugs

    Thanks for sharing the bug report we will update those in next update.

    Clintx Bugs

    i have found few bugs 1 - https://prnt.sc/oaewgs 2 - https://prnt.sc/oaexpr 3 - https://prnt.sc/oaf0cp bug on sitelock product more bugs i will report soon pls fix these bugs in next update
  23. HI, All the WGS community members we need your support & suggestion to make this module more productive. As Alipay have released the new API so we are working on it to launch the update by 10 of July. Currently we have add in v2.0.4 : NEW_OVERSEAS_SELLER NEW_WAP_OVERSEAS_SELLER. Adding more : Adding Trading information feature : 2.1. The new parameter "trade_information" is required. 2.2. The parameter "refer_url" is required. 2.3. The parameter"body" could be optional now, and the special characters mentioned under this parameter definition mean the emoji characters, which could not be supported. This is according to Alipay support. It looks like trade_information has sub-parameters, this is the example they gave trade_information={"business_type":"4", "goods_info":"APPLE iPhone 8 Plus 3GB 64GB^1|APPLE Macbook Pro 13" i5 8G 256G with TouchBar^1", "total_quantity":"2"} The new parameters are listed here: https://global.alipay.com/doc/global/create_forex_trade
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