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  3. historical consumption I want to see the total bandwidth a client consumes
  4. I need my vmware module to see the month-to-month consumption of customers' vm
  5. Let us check & get back to you.
  6. Is there any timeline you can share with updating your Cloudflare module? It does not support the latest Cloudflare API and instead supports an old version no longer supported by Cloudflare.
  7. Hans

    remove monthly payments

    Or maybe a option to show monthly cost and the payment is for 1 year.
  8. Hi, how can I remove the monthly payments from shared hosting only, we offer only 1 year supscriptions. the tekst : Simple and transparent pricing must stay above the pricing tabs regards Hans
  9. Two reason could be follow as : 1). Please check the licence status is active in clientx Addon in WHMCS admin area? 2). Some time ioncube files not loading completely so please activate the "Encoded File Loading " = Attempt to load all files . You can find this setting in WHMCS Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Other Tab
  10. Hi All, I just purchased the ClientX theme. I added the theme files to my templates directy and added and activated the addon. When I go to my WHMCS install now I see my one announcement but no links or anything and my license here has no IP etc. My WHMCS install can be found at https://billing.controlghg.com
  11. msbedi

    Clintx Bugs

    Thanks for sharing the bug report we will update those in next update.

    Clintx Bugs

    i have found few bugs 1 - https://prnt.sc/oaewgs 2 - https://prnt.sc/oaexpr 3 - https://prnt.sc/oaf0cp bug on sitelock product more bugs i will report soon pls fix these bugs in next update
  13. HI, All the WGS community members we need your support & suggestion to make this module more productive. As Alipay have released the new API so we are working on it to launch the update by 10 of July. Currently we have add in v2.0.4 : NEW_OVERSEAS_SELLER NEW_WAP_OVERSEAS_SELLER. Adding more : Adding Trading information feature : 2.1. The new parameter "trade_information" is required. 2.2. The parameter "refer_url" is required. 2.3. The parameter"body" could be optional now, and the special characters mentioned under this parameter definition mean the emoji characters, which could not be supported. This is according to Alipay support. It looks like trade_information has sub-parameters, this is the example they gave trade_information={"business_type":"4", "goods_info":"APPLE iPhone 8 Plus 3GB 64GB^1|APPLE Macbook Pro 13" i5 8G 256G with TouchBar^1", "total_quantity":"2"} The new parameters are listed here: https://global.alipay.com/doc/global/create_forex_trade
  14. 50% Discount On HostX Theme Coupon Code Hostx50
  15. In that case you can use HostX HTML Version.
  16. I need to hire a WHMCS Module Garden expert to help us install a module garden module. We can paypal you instantly. Please send me a skype chat to SMARTCHOICEWEB
  17. We have released a new version 1.0.6 of HostX WHMCS template. In this latest version we have added these two new front end pages 1. Contact Us Page Added 2. Codeguard Page Added 3. GDPR Compatibility privacy notice added. 4. Backend Manager 5. Duplicate Page Block Feature Added You can easily make a clone of an existing block and use them anywhere in your website. Step 1: Go to WHMCS Admin Dashboard. Step 2 : Go to Addons > WGS HostX > Blocks. Step 3 : Click on Copy Main Block button. Step 4 : Select the block that you want to Clone. Step 5: Select the default language that you want. Step 6 : Add the Title of the Block and click SUBMIT Step 7 : Your newly created block will now appear under All Blocks Section and you can customize and use it in any page you want. 6. Custom Page Block Added Everyone in this world has a unique choice of design for their websites. It is not necessary to make in use of the existing block designs. You can yourself create the block design and move it anywhere you want. Step 1: Go to the WHMCS Admin Dashboard. Step 2: Go to Addons > WGS HostX > Blocks Step 3: Click on Copy Main Block button. Step 4: Select the "Custom Block" & Clone. Step 5: After cloning the custom block, you can do any changes you want to do in the block. 7. Banners selection made dynamic We have converted the banners selection into dynamic so that you are not bound to select the constant banner in the HostX web hosting template. 8. Improvements Dedicated Server Page Price Filter Low to High Dedicated Server Page Search Results Optimized To know more about this changelog, please visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/
  18. msbedi

    Changing the Format

    Hi Leah, 1. You need to update the widget with following code: Step 1: Login to WHMCS Admin Step 2: Go to Addons > AGS HostX > Blocks Step 3: Select "Our Products" block and click on edit. You need to edit all the widgets highlighted in the screenshot. In thi <div class="col-sm-4"> <div class="features-col active"> <div class="img-box"><img class="" src="{$WEB_ROOT}/templates/{$template}/images/icon-a1.png" /></div> <h3>{$LANG.homevpshosting}</h3> <p>{$LANG.homevpshostingtext}.</p> </div> </div> Make the code like this for all the widgets. <div class="col-sm-6"> <div class="features-col active"> <div class="img-box"><img class="" src="{$WEB_ROOT}/templates/{$template}/images/icon-a1.png" /></div> <h3>{$LANG.homevpshosting}</h3> <p>{$LANG.homevpshostingtext}.</p> </div> </div> 2. All the blocks are not editable, for some blocks you need to do it from the codes.
  19. Hi Guest Haitham, Please follow these steps to add link over product detail page. 1) Go to following path -> "whmcsdir/templates/clientx/" 2) Open clientareaproductdetails.tpl 3) Find the following block of code its on line number 86 or 85 {if $configoptionsupgrade} <li class=""> <a href="upgrade.php?type=configoptions&amp;id={$id}"> <div class="tbs-icone"> <i class="fas fa-cloud-upload-alt"></i></div> {$LANG.upgradedowngradeconfigoptions} </a> </li> {/if} 4) Now add following blocks of code after it. {if $dns_manager_is_active eq 'true'} <li class=""> <a href="{$dns_manager_link}"> <div class="tbs-icone"> <i class="fas fa-server"></i></div> {$LANG.dnsManageBox} </a> </li> {/if} {if $groupname eq 'Managed WordPress'} <li class=""> <a href="index.php?m=WordpressManager"> <div class="tbs-icone"> <i class="fa fa-wordpress"></i></div> {$LANG.wordpressManageBox} </a> </li> {/if} 5) Now add language variable so that it will work with multiple language. i) Go to Following path -> "whmcsdir/lang/overrides/" ii) Open english.php iii) add following code at the end of file $_LANG['dnsManageBox'] = "DNS Manage"; $_LANG['wordpressManageBox'] = "WordPress Management"; Note-> Same process will follow for other languages.
  20. We are getting queries from a lot of Hosting Providers that their Whois domain registrar is showing the ".in" Tld's domain unavailable. Here is the list of TLD's that are showing unavailable: in ac.in co.in .org.in .ernet.in .gov.in .net.in .res.in ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is the Permanent Fix for It ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Access your website directory: /var/www/html/resources/domains/ Create a new file "whois.json" here and add this code in it. [ { "extensions": ".ac.in,.co.in,.org.in,.ernet.in,.gov.in,.net.in,.res.in,.in", "uri": "socket://whois.registry.in", "available": "No Data Found" } ] Save the file & your issue will be resolved.
  21. Attached some screenshot for help you. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxMa8MUMhN1ycGZ5eDk1OERneGF1U0d6UGxCUG5SYVpvNG9N https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxMa8MUMhN1yN1hLTFVhQzVFaVlCeko1cGlnRFFwSFg2TzFN https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxMa8MUMhN1yV212bHJySkZyS2RRcUxiVHMwaWhCYXlqZWNn
  22. Dears, I appreciated your help if you can fix this issue: I purchased some modules: 1- DNS Manager 2- WordPress Manager 3- SitePad Hook. All these modules should appear if the customer has an active product/service in the product/service details page. Example: If the customer has a plan for WordPress, then if open the product/service details, he will see the tab of WordPress Manager belongs to the other services' tabs, but if he has a web hosting service, he will not see the WordPress Manager service tab because it is not included in his plan. Note: it is showing normal if use the template "six". Thanks for your cooperations
  23. Leah

    Changing the Format

    Hi, I have two questions on how to customize the pages here: 1) How can I change the structure of a block, for example I want to make the section that has 6 widgets 3 on a line, show up as 4 widgets 2 on a line. when I delete two of them it just shows up unevenly. 2) For some reason the block names that I am seeing on the pages are not matching up to the list of the blocks in the blocks section. Some of the blocks are showing up with the title matching but different content and some I do not see at all. Thank you so much!
  24. Is there a way you can use this theme for the root directory (https://www.hosting.com) while still maintaining the whmcs subdirectory (https://hosting.com/subdir)? Thanks in advance Emanuel
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